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Where to see Mountain Gorillas in Uganda Africa

Mountain Gorilla tracking tours in Africa

Mountain gorillas in Uganda- Where to see Gorillas in Africa is the most asked question, here is the answer! Gorillas live in the volcanoes of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo on Volcanic Mountains. The low land gorillas live in the forests of Central and western Equatorial Guinea Africa, Angola, Cameroon, Central Africa, Congo, Gabon and DRC. It’s much easier to see Mountain gorillas in the volcanoes of Uganda-Bwindi Forest National park and Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda – the world’s greatest conservation success and DRC than the lowland cousins further west.

American primatologist Dian Fossy.

Thanks to the American primatologist Dian Fossy of Gorillas in the mist fame that changed the perception of these animals that paved way for today’s tourist industry.

“Man manages to destroy most things on this planet – but imagine a place where for one hour, you can experience life as it was before human kind – a pristine world in the presence of our second closest relative – the Great Ape”


Combined Gorilla Safari Tours & Wild Life In Africa

Gorilla Safaris and game viewing tours are offered by gorilla travel agencies to Visit Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Tailored gorilla Uganda safari tours will leave memorable impressions of your life time. Mountain Gorilla tracking tours in Uganda Africa are designed to help you chose ­- Where to go mountain gorilla tracking in Uganda? Where to stay on a gorilla safari? What to see during your gorilla trekking tour ? Other activities you can do in Uganda after trekking Gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda as part of your gorilla tracking tour package.

The vast majority of foreign tourists going to Rwanda go for the gorilla tracking” says Alex Guma OF UGANDA, the managing director of Gorilla walking Safaris Uganda.

On an afternoon of silvery storm-light and drum rolls of hail, we traveled south west bellow equator from seeing the climbing tree lions in Queen Elizabeth national Park, to spend the night at a base near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Where to go Mountain Gorillas In Uganda?

The great apes are found in the Virunga mountain ranges shared among Uganda, Rwanda and DRC Congo as well as Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park which is known to possess more than half of these-up to close endangered mountains 480 members in 14 groups to date.

Rwanda and Uganda has a similar number of habituated gorilla troops, but there are some important differences. Join our Gorilla tours into the jungles of Rwanda where to see mountain Gorillas in Uganda live in Volcanoes national park about two hour drive north west from the capital Kigali.

Mountain Gorilla watching  holidays

Gorilla watching holidays is a life time memory that everyone should do on earth. Gorilla holidays can be more interested in a small group tour discovering the Murchison falls national parks beautiful scenery with adorable wild life before setting foot to the Virunga Mountains.

“No one looks into gorillas eyes – intelligent, gentle, vulnerable can remain unchanged for the gap between ape and human vanishes. We know that the gorilla within us. Do gorillas also recognize the ancient connection?”

Gorilla Trekking Lodges

There are several lodges in the vicinity. Gorilla tracking can be done over a stay of just two nights. All treks start in the village of kinigi. There are four tracking start point- south of Bwindi Impenetrable National park we have Rushaga and Nkuringo while in the north we have  Buhoma and east ruhija. One has to be conversant with Bwindi Gorillas Forest trekking starting points to make proper decisions

Uganda gorilla tours are just over the border in Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park Forest National park, a full day drive from Entebbe or Kampala. Allow three nights. Treks start from four different points in Mgahinga national park and Bwindi Forest National Park.

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Trekking gorillas with ease can only be witnessed in Uganda . Your chances of a shorter hike are higher and you will have flexibility on the day allocating troops according to fitness levels. In Uganda the hikes are often longer and steeper, although some are wilder.You can try out our best experimental Fly in Uganda safari which started from Northern Uganda- kidepo valley national park

Primates In Uganda are cheaper than Rwanda. Revenue from Primates helps fund both gorilla’s protection and community support and refreshments costs extra

When to go see Mountain gorillas in Uganda?

Gorilla trekking is a year round activity. When to go see gorillas in Africa? During the long rains of late match to early may conditions are at their wettest and hiking at its toughest. November is the short rainy season. Peak seasons are July and August.

Mountain Gorillas In Uganda Africa-Bwindi forest National Park

When I first tracked the Gorillas in Bwindi forest National Park in Uganda? The high lights of the tracking a baby gorilla hanging from one arm in the moss covered trees above us. The climb through a tea plantation and mist covered slopes of African jungles like forests where a magical part of the whole experience.

Alex Guma our tour Guide posed a question! Did you know that gorillas and humans share 98% of the same genetic material with their live?  Did you know that Gorillas sing while eating? Really! We are excited and can’t wait to watch gorillas.

Mgahinga National park in Uganda. 

This park was my second tracking experience. There was so much going on, the hour with the apes- the mountain gorillas passed by very quickly. We watched baby gorillas playing together with their mothers. Adults sat munching in the bamboo above our heads. At one point, the whole gorilla family decided to walk through our nervous giggling group and edged back into the bush, they bushed right past us. We saw the silver back having sex with accompaniment of loud gorilla farts.

What else to do after tracking Mountain Gorillas In Uganda Africa


Uganda is an excellent safari destinations and wildlife can be seen in Queen Elizabeth national Park-the climbing lions and other big game, Kibale Forest National park in western Uganda which harbors the chimpanzees. Other attractions include the Murchison falls national park where you will enjoy game viewing, boat cruise at the river Nile, viewing the second largest water falls in the world. Rwanda’s more limited attractions include the beautiful Lake Kivu, and Nyungwe Forest, a haven for chimps and other wildlife. Enjoy the sweeping views of beautiful scenes  to all Uganda national parks guided by our best professional gorilla walking safaris tour guides and enjoy the best Africa safari vacations.

You can combine your Africa Adventure safaris Rwanda gorilla trek with a safari in Kenya and experience the big 5 Experience. Gorilla walking safaris offers combined packages with amazing best national parks In Uganda


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