queen elizabeh national park

Why Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is in the western Uganda, in the districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rubirizi and Rukungiri. In th year 1952 the kazinga national park was formed and it got its name from the kazinga channel in between lake George and lake Albert.

The park is one of Uganda’s oldest national parks that it even welcomed the late queen Elizabeth II. The queen visited this park just two years after it was formed. This maybe is what gives it the favor to become the most visited park in Uganda.

There is a lot of wildlife in this region that also serves as a dessert to lions during  game drives and watching the tree climbing lions of ishasha. In the eastern parts of queen Elizabeth there’s Kyambura game reserve and imaramagambo forest  reserve with plenty of tree species. while in the northern part there is Kibale forest national park a home to human close relative the chimpanzees and other primates like monkeys and baboons.

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Just a few kilometers north west from the park you can even have a glance at the mountains of the moon ,( Rwenzori mountains) no wander it was confusingly known as the Rwenzori national park in the 1970s and 80s.

In the western parts of the country also in queen Elizabeth, on the border of the democratic republic of Congo lies the Virunga rages that are share by Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. These are a home of the world remaining gorillas in all the three countries. The location of this park gives it a clear view of wildlife and wildlife in the neighbors.


Key attractions in Queen Elizabeth national park.

·       Tree climbing lions / lion tracking

Uganda in the queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Manyara in Tanzania in the whole world is where you can find the tree climbing lions. These big cats can climb  trees but not that big, in queen Elizabeth you will have a chance to see tree climbing lions going up, down or lazily lying tin the fig trees.

queen elizabeth national park queen elizabeh national park

·       Lake katwe explosion creators

At the highest elevation of Queen Elizabeth national park peninsular lies these creator explosions, and the salt lake that were formed also due to the explosions. During this drive you will be able to see the Great Rift Valley and the mountains of the moon.

Lake katwe is also a creator explosion where Uganda mines raw salt. The main activity here is salt mining and most people here come to learn and tourists.

·       Wild life reserve (kyambura game reserve)

Kyabura game reserve is part of Queen Elizabeth national park, in kyambura you will be able to track chimpanzees and also watch more primates like baboons, great wild life on your way.

·       Game drives and sightseeing.

With a little bit of everything Queen Elizabeth national park has got great wildlife to enjoy in game drives. Butterflies in plenty, Wild animals like lions, antelopes ,elephants, leopard, chimpanzees, baboons, quite a number of birds, fresh water bodies most of them are creator lakes, lake George and Albert as well as sulphonic lake katwe for salt mining.-


Accommodations in Queen Elizabeth national park

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

queen elizabeth national park accomodation

The lodge is on the very edge of the Kyambura Gorge which sits outside of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Specious bandas in Kyambura Gorge Lodge, overlooking the forest with an open floor bedroom plan. The lounge is very comfortable and set up beautifully to the magnificent feels of the forest.

The gorge itself is home to family of habituated chimpanzees so you can trek to see this family from this lodge

Ishasha Wilderness Camp

queen elizabeth national park accomodations

This camp is located in the southern sector of QENP, the canvas camp setup in the main are will welcome you. Large and cosey sofa sets balanced lights as well as enjoying free wildlife viewing at the footsteps of your door.

The rooms are located off one side of the main area and spread out along a walkway, offering views out to the Ntungwe River.

The park is famed for its tree climbing lions, elephant herds, buffalo and a variety of monkeys including black-and-white colobus and velvet monkeys.


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