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10 Days Masai Mara Safari | Namunyak Conservancy & Diani Beach

Kenya Luxury safari is when The Only Man that hasn’t traveled is the Man that hasn’t been to Africa – And so is the Man that hasn’t been to the secrets of Kenya where peace prevails. Let’s embark on an authentic journey through Kenya for magical but life changing journeys – Journeys that impact the well-being of the locals and make a difference with travel.

This Kenya Luxury safari will take us through Masai Mara for one of the most magical wildlife encounters in Kenya and watch spectacular wildlife on open jeeps, Dine in the bush while you watch the sun setting below the endless savannah plains of the mara. This journey will fly us to a secret place where peace prevails – In the northern frontier of Kenya, The Namunyak Conservancy – Samburu lands. in the heart of Samburu, lies Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy and its beautiful Samburu peaceful Pastralists, an area of 850,000 acres of pristine wilderness in the Mathews Range. This remote landscape is home to the indigenous Samburu people whose age-old traditions are as much a part of the fabric of this land as the wildlife which is also the most success story of conservation & sustainability while staying at some of the Top notch luxury African Accommodations In Kenya.

ThisKenya Luxury safari will journey us for the last days of our trip slumbering at Diani beach, A super place to unwind our safari memories. White Sand Beaches with jaw dropping scenic views over the Indian ocean.

Private Guide On This Safari – Team Leader

Private Guide Uganda

This Luxury Trip will be led by Alex Guma Tibanyendera – A Professional safari Guide  – Founder & Director Gorilla Walking Safaris Ltd in Uganda. Alex famously known as the Karamojong safari Guide in Uganda has seen Gorilla Walking safaris expand its wings to kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Always donned in special Cultural attires, Alex Guma has found passion in representing the unique cultures in Uganda, kenya and Tanzania where the Karamojong – Masai and Samburu pastoral natives dominate. Alex Guma has a heart for conservation who believes that travel is the backbone of conservation and sustainability, His special designed trips rotate at where the communities benefit directly from the guests who are so fortunate and lucky to travel to these special destinations – special Destinations with less crowds but very authentic experiences.

Guma Alex Visits all the destinations personally to make sure he has first hand information and experiences before leading his groups or recommending his guests at Gorilla Walking safaris to these special places. So he is always absolutely sure that all guests on such tours like this will have the best authentic travel experiences, Will impact the communities, while you get back home being sure that a life has been changed because of your decision to travel.

I welcome you to this life changing journey in Kenya while we have an exceptional trip, we make a difference in the community lives of the samburu.

A Short Video Of The RETETI Orphaned Elephants

Here is a short Video of the Reteti Little Orphaned elephants in Namunyak Conservancy. The Sanctuary takes in orphaned and abandoned elephant calves with the aim to release them back into the wild herds of elephants adjoining Reteti and Namunyak Conservancy

39 orphan elephants are housed at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. These little elephants have been rescued from the wilderness, lost from thier mothers, trapped in muddy holes, Roaming alone or rescued from predators. They are taken to the orphanage and rehabilitated until they are old and strong enough to fend for themselves in the wild. A great work supported by Sarara Eco-lodges where we stay on this trip. Being a community owned and 100% of the care takers and trained managers are Samburu natives of Namunyak and the surroundings.

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