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Apoka Safari lodge is located in Kidepo National Park, one of the remotest National parks in Uganda. The lodge offers good environment and it’s a place where you can escape from the noise of the city and feel Natural. The topography of the land in Kidepo is unique plus Karamojong culture and the wildlife will make you enjoy Kidepo National Park.

The lodge is located inside the National Park. It offers bush breakfast and sundowners with cocktail. Imagine having a meal in the wilderness. Feeling the natural breath, listening to noise of different animals and birds.

The Apoka lodge have engaged local people communities, offering professional training, developing Tourism activities. Visits of how Karamojong live are available for visitors to experience cultural values of people living around the park.

The lodge has a partnership with lorukul, a visitor can now learn how to prepare local food and building Kraal, the lodge built a village clinic and they facilitate regular visits for the doctor. Those are benefits of tourism to the local people which ensures more sustainability.


The lodge is composed of 10 canvas walled chalet with private varanders offering different views. Relax and refresh your mind in the huge rock carved Swimming pool and the private Dinner tower.

What to see and do in Apoka Safari lodge

Game drives:

It’s the main highlight of visitors to this park. Basing from Apoka safari lodge, enjoy the biodiversity of kidepo, the only permanent water in the park is found in the wetlands in the Narus Valley near Apoka. Combined with the open savanna terrain, the Narus valley is the prime viewing location. Some of the animals include Buffaloes elephants and etc.

Nature walks:

There are different trails in the park. It is conducted by experienced guides and armed ranger to ensure visitors security. In the walk, visitors will appreciate nature, different animals, plants and the general ecosystem.

Cultural Encounter:

Enjoy different cultural values in Kidepo, learn how the Karamojong live, the way they prepare food, the way to make Kraal. Witness their unique Dance and interact with them by the help of the guide.


There are different birds in Kidepo. The park has over 476 species of birds, some of them include Ostrich, secretary bird, northern carmine bee eater, little green bee eater and etc.


How to get to Apoka Safari Lodge

There are two ways to get to Kidepo, by flight and also it is possible by road.

Flights to Kidepo can be schedules or chartered, the tour company will arrange with domestic flights basing on the itinerary of the clients. It can be from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airstrip

By road: The most direct route, through Gulu to Lokumoit Gate, takes about 10 hours. The trip can be broken up with an overnight stop at Gulu or Kitgum.

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