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Mountain Gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda: Top 10 Facts About Gorillas

What is a Mountain Gorilla and what are the facts about Mountain Gorillas? Trekking mountain gorillas is one thing while knowing what a mountain gorilla is another during a gorilla safari experience in Uganda or Rwanda. There are many questions about Gorilla safaris and many more questions on facts about Mountain Gorillas. Of course there are lowland gorillas but many question rotate around the mountain gorillas and their facts. Our Travel expert shares with you facts about gorilla trekking safaris and facts about these gentle giants. So, what are these facts?

1.     About 1,200 exist in the wild

In the last census carried they are approximately 1063 mountain gorillas left in the whole world with the Uganda and Rwanda inhabiting the biggest population. Yes this number is so small but that is the truth. Uganda has half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas that can be seen on a gorilla trekking experience on a Uganda safari.

Mountain gorillas are endangered and very much protected in all the places that they live in.  They are found in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo including the Congo Brazzaville.

2.     Humans share around 98% of our DNA with gorillas

With  no doubt, this openly means we humans are so close in almost everything that we are. exposure to human illnesses – even a cold  or the deadly Covid-19 can have potentially detrimental impacts on gorillas as they are so genetically similar to us, but they haven’t developed the necessary immunities. Mountain Gorillas have been tested for covid 19 and the vets continue to test them. Sharing a 98% DNA would definitely make mountain Gorillas prone to Huma diseases.                  Read also about whether to trek Gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda?

3. Mountain Gorillas live in just few places

Mountain gorillas are found only in Africa. They live in the eastern parts and the eastern central parts of Africa. Countries proud to host the Mountain Gorillas include Uganda, Mghahinga and Bwindi impenetrable national park, Rwanda in the volcanoes national park, DRC in Saramber nature reserve. And the Congo Brazavile. Mountain Gorillas are found in high altitude montane and bamboo forests, these forests are characterized with thick and protected areas.

4. Mountain Gorillas are Big and most powerful living primates

An average a male mountain silver back gorilla can weigh up to 250kg and measure 170cm (over 5’5”) tall. It’s not that they do eat a lot of carbs no, actually they spend a lot of their time eating leaves, shrubs and fresh stem shoots.

5. Mountain Gorillas can eat all day long

Mountain Gorillas are no meat eaters, they do not eat any meats what so ever. Mountain gorillas spend about a quarter of their day eating mainly leaves and shoots, but have also been known to eat snails, ants and tree barks.

6. Gorilla’s sleep in groups at night

Every evening Mountain Gorillas make new beds and sleep together in family groups on the ground in their made nests. Sometimes they do sleep up in tree nests that they make with foliage. Most of the little ones sleep with their mother’s to be warm and grow well.

7. They live in family groups

Almost all the mountain gorillas live and stay in the family groups. These are just small number of family members of about 10 members. They all sleep and stay together with a male silver back dominating the group. At a later stage the teenagers will leave the group to go get spouses in other groups and they will give their off springs their

8. They have 16 different types of call

This includes short barks when they’re mildly alarmed or curious.  To intimidate rivals, male gorillas strut with stiff legs, beat their chests, and use vocalizations like roars or hoots.       Read also about What is a Mountain Gorilla

9. They live to over 40 years old

Mountain Gorillas if kept in captivity do not live much long actually. But if left in the wild they can live up to 40 years plus in their natural habitat. Males between 8-12 years are called ‘blackbacks’. And as they grow older from this age they get a silver lining on their backs and hips. This makes them adult males and can get married and led their own family groups.



10. They are very much endangered

Mountain gorillas are reducing in numbers with years that are passing by. This means there is a big threat as to why this is happening. Mostly we see degradation of their homes being a big threat.

Population is growing steadily and people are looking for new and fertile places to stay. Human or a man is the biggest threat to the mountain gorillas of the world. Gorillas don’t just stay in their forests. They venture onto farmland to eat crops like maize and bananas, which can cause conflict with people who need to make a living. Gorilla tourism that isn’t well managed is another potential issue, as it can impact the behaviour and health of mountain gorillas.

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